Understanding People’s Interest In Numbers

numbers in chartThe world is a scary place for humans, whether they live as hunter-gatherers or subsistence farmers in undeveloped parts of the world, or they elbow their way through crowds of people in cities of concrete and steel. All humans live with uncertainty in their lives and search for ways to navigate life as safely and profitably as possible. In ancient times, people sought answers through magic and religion. The search continues to this day and people have continued to use religion and systems such as astrology and numerology to understand their lives and predict what may happen in the future.

Numerology is attractive to people because the importance of numbers in our lives seems undeniable. People are aware of these symbols everywhere and realize some of them may have significance to them. Those are the ones that appear over and over in their birth dates, phone numbers, street addresses, auto license plates, names etc. These repeated figures seem to be too common to be mere coincidences. Once that premise is accepted, it is natural to wonder why and look for ways of finding out the meaning of the numbers. The needed interpretation is provided by various disciplines including Numerology. In that belief system, numbers are thought to be messages from the cosmos. Some believe that widespread acceptance of such interpretations represents a change in modern human philosophy to giving spirituality the importance in modern life that it once held in ancient life.

With a renewal of interest in spirituality that has been going on for several decades, there has been a resurgence of interest in the ancient arts, such as numerology and astrology. Ancient texts reveal that both studies were practiced for thousands of years by the world’s oldest civilizations—Babylon, Egypt, Phoenician, China etc. They predate and had an important influence on the formation of all of the world’s great religions—Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

The idea that number patterns are important in people’s lives is appealing to people since they know how to find number patterns without remembering how they learned to do so. Humans have an innate ability to find patterns everywhere. That ability gives people a sense of control and safety. Perhaps the talent is a holdover from the early development of humanity when being able to separate the patterns of predators from the tall grass or leaves of trees where they were hiding was the difference between survival and being some animal’s lunch.